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Important Announcement Regarding Digital BDT (DBDT) Token and Fake Token Alert

Dear Digital BDT (DBDT) Token Holders and Community,

We would like to bring an important matter to your attention regarding the Digital BDT (DBDT) token and alert you about the existence of several fake tokens claiming to be associated with DBDT. It has come to our notice that there are four fake tokens circulating in the market, and we urge you to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in any transactions involving these fake tokens.

Official Digital BDT (DBDT) Token Details:

Smart Contract Address: 0x02210ccf0ed27a26977e85528312e5bd53ce9960

The Official DBDT Token is the only legitimate version, and all transactions and interactions should be conducted exclusively with the smart contract address mentioned above.

Fake Tokens:


Fake Token Address: 0xf51a9d47adb88b6a2528e815eb0b7cf4900add78
DaggoBertDuck (dbdt)

Fake Token Address: 0x28bed4ead64ab14a91a593d1735a08250cf1b454

Fake Token Address: 0x000c7603cc3de5360c56bb5429f371932675cec7
Digital Bangladeshi Taka (dbdt)

Fake Token Address: 0xda9a94b532982f88f06a408fc9e00565bb20af12
Importance of Vigilance:

We cannot stress enough the significance of exercising caution and due diligence when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions. Scammers and malicious actors often try to take advantage of unsuspecting users by creating fake tokens with similar names and symbols to legitimate projects. By being vigilant, you can protect yourself and the Digital BDT (DBDT) community from potential scams and fraudulent activities.

Precautionary Measures:

To ensure the safety of your investments and transactions involving the Digital BDT (DBDT) token, we recommend taking the following precautionary measures:

Verify Smart Contract Address: Before engaging in any transaction related to DBDT, double-check the smart contract address provided above. Ensure that you are using the correct address and not falling victim to any phishing attempts.

Beware of Impersonators: Exercise caution when communicating with individuals or groups claiming to represent the DBDT project. Official announcements and updates will always be made through legitimate channels such as the project’s official website, social media accounts, or other verified communication channels.

Research and Confirm Token Information: Before trading or purchasing DBDT tokens, conduct thorough research and verify the information provided. Rely on trusted sources such as the official project website, reputable exchanges, or community channels.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you come across any suspicious activity or encounter fake tokens claiming to be DBDT, please report them immediately to the appropriate authorities and inform the Digital BDT (DBDT) community.


The Digital BDT (DBDT) team remains committed to the security and welfare of our community. We urge all users to stay informed, exercise caution, and report any suspicious activities promptly. By working together, we can help maintain the integrity of the DBDT token and foster a secure environment for all participants.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.



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