Marketing Plan

Make Money from Home or Office with a minimum capital Earn USD 500 to 5,000 Monthly by DBDT Apps

DIGITAL BDT or DBDT (Digital Blockchain Dominance Token)
Future digital assets 1 DBDT = 0.01 USD
(Package available 10, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000, 5000 USD)

Referral LevelReferral Bonus
Level 110%
Level 25%
Level 31%
Level 41%
Level 51%
Level 61%
Level 71%
  • Mobile Agent Fees: 10 USD (Free 1000 DBDT)
  • Mobile Agent (MA): Can Earn Level 1 – 10%
  • Mobile Agent Withdraw Commission – 0.50% (half)
  • Mastercard Application Fees (First Time) 20 USD
All contributors also receive DBDT as follows & he will be eligible to apply DBDT Mpay Mastercard:
Package NameUSD PriceDBDT ValueOverride Level
Basic50 USD5,000 DBDT1 level
Silver100 USD10,000 DBDT2 level
Gold300 USD30,000 DBDT3 level
Platinum500 USD50,000 DBDT5 level
DBDT VIP1000 USD100,000 DBDT6 level & limited to 8K package
DBDT Partner5000 USD500,000 DBDT7 level & limited to 2K package
The DBDT price will start with 0.01 USD and goal to achieve 1.00 USD and make stable coin like USDT/BUSD
  • Commission can withdraw up to 50% and 50% can be stake or upgrade package @ USD 0.01 per DBDT
  • From 15 July 2022 Already open for public trade or if you buy DBDT from pancake swap or any DEX can trade there.

Smart Contact : 0x02210CcF0Ed27a26977E85528312E5BD53cE9960
Network : Smart Chain (BSC/BEP20)
Wallet : Trust Wallet / LZ Wallet / Metamask / Binance Chain Wallet
Website : (Please visit to learn more or register)
Telegram :
Facebook :
YouTube :
Twitter :

Note: To receive Digital BDT (DBDT) just download Trust Wallet or LZ Wallet then go to add custom token, select network Smart Chain and paste DBDT Smart Contract address and click done. Join DBDT telegram group and send your DBDT wallet address to @dbdtfoundation to receive 50 DBDT free Airdrop